Links to people, artists and interesting organisations with which we have affiliations.

The Wobbly Shop
artefacts for a better world. based on the ideas of the wobblies, ie the industrial workers of the world, formed in the US in 1905, the wobbly shop will sell fine artwork, upcycled furniture, cardboard-based products, thought-provoking t-shirts, mugs and photographs produced by tim cooke, julie forshaw and many other artists both local and friends.

the home of Nottingham culture. articles, music, event listings and loads more really interesting artistic stuff. plus they're doing an article on brigid rose soon, so click
here and have a look at what she had to say.

Comma Press
a not for profit publishing house based in manchester and specialising in the short story. it's run by friends of ours, ra page and jim hinks. so if you've got a great story and are wondering where to go with it...

Mark Finzel
mark produces surface designs for fabrics, wallpapers, screens etc. based on photographs of natural forms.

Castlefield Gallery
castlefield gallery is a gallery and resource based in Manchester for contemporary visual artists and their work.

River Art by Ahmad Nadalian introduces works by ahmad nadalian who is internationally known as one of the most active environmental artists. he has been supported and sponsored by many different organizations in many countries throughout the world, where he has performed numerous environmental art projects. a fascinating guy who works all over the world and is very interested in fish (hence our logo)

Hojat Amani
hojat works as a landscape artist and has completed a project in which he attached angel wings to people and observed their reactions. according to him, 'the pictures show the momentary transformation of human existence into angelic beings'. he also takes some quite neat photographs and his work seems closely related to nadalian's. site is in farsi.

Apob Art Galleries
apob Original Art Galleries is an art community site offering free artist galleries and showcasing the skills and talents of artists from all around the United Kingdom. worth a look. one of the few decent uk gallery sites on the net.
wcase your art to thousands of visitors every day, or at least that's what the gallery says about itself. certainly, you can upload images of your artwork and maybe people will have a look at them but it's hard to know if anyone has.

Tim Cooke
yes, he does other things besides photography, and here’s one of them. so if you need music or sound textures for your TV, film, theatre or new media project, then why not get in touch?

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